History of Ideal Tile Stringers

In 1977, Winthrop Welding Works in Winthrop, Iowa, was building trailers of several different varieties. So it wasn’t surprising when they were approached by a company manufacturing plastic drainage tile in search of a trailer that could haul and dispense tile in the field. In short order, the forerunner of what’s become known in the industry as the tile stringer cart, took shape and was born.

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Owner Roger Pint hated comebacks, so when it came to this new line of tile trailers, he employed his favorite business motto – “When in doubt, make it stout!” — a philosophy that served him well. Winthrop Trailers were not only the first tile stringer on the market, they were widely respected over time for being the best on the market. It is not uncommon at all to see Winthrop stringers built in the ‘70s and ‘80s still in service.

Ideal Industries, headquartered in Vinton, Iowa, purchased the Winthrop Trailers line in 2012.  Ideal has since updated some of the manufacturing process and inserted innovations, like the Auto Hat automated top hat system for hands-free loading. But they haven’t strayed from the basic design, materials and specs of Winthrop Trailers.

Ideal Industries is proud to carry on the Winthrop tradition with a line of trailers that are “over-built on purpose.”

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