Ideal Manufacturing custom metal fabrication picture of powder coating.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication – Finishing

Ideal Manufacturing provides a variety of finishing services to meet the needs of your project. Our batch powder coating and wet paint capabilities offer the flexibility to accommodate an extensive variety of part sizes and production volumes. Metal products finishing is part of our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

We believe the best finish starts with the best surface preparation. We pay particular attention to surface preparation to ensure the adhesion and durability of the finish. This includes shot blasting and chemical washing capabilities. Ideal Manufacturing finishes products that are in top condition to give you a product that can be used efficiently.

In addition we offer polishing services to a number 4 polish.

With flexible final assembly, labeling, and packaging options, Ideal Manufacturing provides true concept-to-completion fabrication service. Finishing is the final piece of our quality metal products.

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  • Batch Powder Coating – 12’ x 12’ x 30’ Oven Capacity
  • Wet Paint – 30’x15’ Cross Draft Paint Booth
  • Shot-Blasting and Chemical Wash
    • 14′ x 32′ Shot Blast
  • Polishing
  • Assembly, Labeling and Packaging
  • 36” Straight-Line Time Saver

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